About Us

Dr Shivago KomarpajWe offer our humble obeisances to our founder and teacher His Divine Grace Dr Shivago Komarpaj, LesPear Thai massage yoga pays respect and tribute to this legendary associate of Lord Buddha and founder teacher of Thai Medicine and Yoga Massage.

People, products and services based on traditional Thai health principles are helping a lot of people  move forward in an energized healthy transcendental way. It is no wonder in our tiring lifestyles that this is most welcome.

Les & Pear
Of Indian and Thai origins are striving to be on the humanitarian platform serving others with joy, compassion and loving kindness. Both students in the teachings of the Lord Buddha and the Vedas set out in their quest for higher knowledge and found that it revolves around servitorship.

A yoga with an act of love and devotion,  purity being the force. Selfless pursuance and determination has seen LesPear Thai Massage Yoga establish itself.

This enables us to give to others a place and opportunity to relax, be cared for and  refreshed in a soothing tranquil environment with soft music, plants and waterfall. Our equally devoted Thai Massage Therapists will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and easily take away your stress and strains, leaving you refreshed and of  peaceful mind.

Of Most Importance
Is yourself, your body & your mind. By respecting yourself you can help maintain your natural state of being, nourishing a platform for higher thought. Our lifestyles often becomes unbalanced hence an accumulation of tiredness, strain and stress.

Traditional Thai Massage is a unique art of healing that combines gentle stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines. This helps to nurture a healthy state of body and hence mind.