Gift Voucher

Dr Shivago Komarpaj

“ An appropriate gesture for family, friends and people you know. Suits all occasions .Share with them an experience that will always be appreciated.  Share with them a gift that gives Joy , compassion and kindness. That’s what they will receive in a  gift voucher through our detailed , thoughtful massages. In  our Thai massage Yoga tradition we  Induce  relaxation , find union and bring harmony to Body , Mind and Spirit. Enjoy our transcendental facilities, lay down in comfy rooms , listen to soothing relaxing music , smell the essential oils and allow us to apply pressure with mystic techniques to your body, reassuring body, mind and spirit.

Thereafter you may experience ecstatic   symptoms of   joy through laughter or feelings of weightlessness like you are floating, some even shed a tear after being shown such compassion. This is the result of massage performed with purity , and purity is our force.  Gift Vouchers can be given starting from any value or session that you prefer from our list of treatments.”

Also available are  combination massage packages. See packages. Payments can be made by online transfer , credit card or at our venue. Pick up or mail.

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